I grew up in the multicultural district of Neukölln in Berlin, and having a Spanish immigrant father, I was naturally exposed to an intercultural environment from my early years.

My passion for selling runs in the family, as my father has always been an avid flea market trader and would take me along, already as a baby, on his regular Sunday flea market ventures. In 1983, at the tender age of 7, I eagerly set up my first sales stand (see photos below).


I have always enjoyed presenting, speaking and acting in front of an audience very much. I began training these skills at the age of 9 and from primary school through to my graduation from secondary school, I actively participated in school theater groups (see photo below of me as Mephisto in Goethe’s „Faust“, 1994). From the age of 16, I supplemented my pocket money by selling sports equipment at the well-established sports retail stores, Foot Locker und Runner´s Point.


Soon after finishing secondary school, I was certain that I wanted to study the tools of the selling trade and completed a vocational training course as insurance broker, in 1998. Subsequently, I polished my sales skills and know-how by studying Business Administration and acquiring a degree qualification. 


Since 2000, I have been successfully following a career path in marketing international tourist destinations, most recently holding a position in this field as Director of international Sales and Marketing. Promoting the special cultural features of individual markets in creative ways has been a priority concern in my work. 


You’ll discover that I bring together my strongest traits, namely,

    my warm and outgoing personality

    an inspiring and confident appearance

    empathic attentiveness

    fluent communication skills (German, Spanish, English)

    purposeful and success-orientated thinking

    a dedicated and disciplined approach

    persuasive product presentation skills and

•  international networking

 - to make your sales or marketing activity a success.

1983 my first sales stand
1983 my first sales stand
1983 my first clients
1983 my first clients
1994 me as Mephisto in Goethe’s „Faust“
1994 me as Mephisto in Goethe’s „Faust“