Germannow!                                                                                                       Voluntary German class for Refugees

Since September 2015 I am committed to volunteer in helping refugees.

As the initiator and coordinator of the initiative GermanNow! with over 1,000 volunteers, we provide voluntary German classes for over 1,000 refugees per week. We teach, among others, at Tempelhof Airport hangars.

Our project’s philosophy emphasizes direct mutual help among neighbors. The first impressions after arriving in a new country are crucial. This time will always be remembered. We show the refugees: "We are your fellow citizens and look forward to a life with you!" We are the direct contact for their concerns and needs and also offer our direct support beyond the teaching of language skills.

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Education for casteless girls in Southern India

Since 2010, I´ve been actively involved in a charitable, non-profit project which secures individual sponsorships for casteless girls in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

The sponsoring enables young girls to cover schooling expenses, which they would otherwise be unable to afford. 


After taking the initiative to visit the girls in their home environment, after witnessing and confirming for myself that the money is used to their benefit 100%, I am committed to finding sponsors by proactively collecting donations to finance various ventures. This is my way of supporting meaningful and transparent work for the benefit of others.


If you're interested in learning more about this project, please contact me.

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